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Dengue Defender

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Dengue Defender Mosquito Repellent
The Dengue Defender is our solution to better-protected families. Dengue Defender is specifically formulated to effectively and safely repel mosquitoes and related biting insects. Repellent of choice for the whole family including sensitive skin types, pregnant mums and babies without any known age restriction.

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Product Information

Thiamine-Vanillin complex (alkalinized), Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Spray desired amount on parts of the body and clothing that may be exposed to mosquitoes. For children, use lightly on arms, legs and exposed skin.

Up to 4 hours per single light application

Frequent re-application advised (4-5x) for all-day protection, and in hotter, humid environments

Indoors, gardens, parks, picnics, short outdoor walks, outdoor eateries, travel, construction site vicinities, and seasonal periods of higher rainfall in tropical climates

Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If spray gets into eyes, rinse with water. For external use only.

2 years from manufacturing

100 ml spray bottle


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