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Elven Guard Insect Repellent

The Elven Guard is designed for botanically strong yet safe protection against mosquitoes, sand flies, flies, ants, ticks, leeches, lice, bedbugs and a wide range of other biting insects. Shown under laboratory conditions to provide complete (100%) protection against the Aedes mosquito (Dengue, Yellow Fever vector) for 8+ hours per single application.

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With the Zika outbreak in Singapore and Malaysia, Elven Guard featured on Channel News Asia as preferred repellent to healthcare providers.

Product Information

Organic Para-Menthane 3,8 Diol (PMD), Isopulegol, Citronellal, Citronellol, Lemongrass, Glycerin, Ethanol, Purified Water

Spray desired amount on parts of the body and clothing that may be exposed to insects. For children, use lightly on arms, legs and exposed skin.

More than 8 hours per single application

Re-application advised for all-day protection, and in hotter, humid environments

Hiking, trekking, fishing, camping, expeditions, travel, construction site vicinities, and seasonal periods of higher rainfall in tropical climates

Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If spray gets into eyes, rinse with water. For external use only. Avoid use in children less than 1 year of age.

2 years from manufacturing

100 ml spray bottle


1 bottle, 2 Bottles, 3 Bottles, 12 Bottles


Endorsement in the Gulf News

Bahrain’s Jebet taking part in the 3,000m steeplechase at Stockholm Diamond League in June.

THE Rio-bound Bahrain Olympic delegation is taking all precautions against the threat of Zika virus which has seen top class golf and tennis stars withdraw from the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza to be held in the Brazilian capital from August 5 to 21.

Bahrain Olympic Committee has signed up with Singapore company Amber Laboratories who will supply them with their insect repellent spray ‘Eleven Guard’ which is considered the best protection against the Zika virus.

Bahrain is sending its biggest ever contingent – a 30-member squad – to the Olympic Games. Twenty-six Bahrainis have qualified for the Games meeting the Olympic criteria while four others have received wild cards.

Delegation manager Yousif Abdel Qader confirmed that necessary steps have been taken by BOC in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to keep the athletes in a safe environment.

“There is no vaccination for the Zika virus up until today. The BOC have agreed a deal with Amber Laboratories as per which they will provide us with their best insect repellent spray,” said Abdel Qader.

American company SC Johnson’s are the official health sponsors of the Rio Games through their ‘OFF’ repellent spray.

Abdel Qader added that Zika was not the only threat they face in Rio as they also consider the yellow fever a huge risk.

“The Bahrain delegation will also be vaccinated for yellow fever as it is as much a threat as the Zika virus,” Abdel Qader added.

The Zika virus is spread by a particular type of mosquitos and is currently wide spread in most South American countries.

“The Singapore company have tested their product in laboratories in London and they will also be providing their sprays to three other teams in Rio,” he said.

Abdel Qader added that each person in the Bahrain delegation has received instructions on how to use the spray.

News quote from Endorsement in the Gulf News