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Elven Guard (Pets)



Pet Guard is designed for botanical protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, leeches, bedbugs and a wide range of other biting insects that may attack or infest your pet. Pet Guard comes in 2 types of applications

  • Pet Guard Tick Spray for regular use with pets before/after walks, indoors or outdoors to protect against biting insects
  • Pet Guard Shampoo for weekly use in managing and preventing tick/flea infestations while maintaining a healthy coat of fur

A BIG Thank You From Kit Kat!

14 Feb 2017

Thank you to all who purchased Elven Guard (Pets) in support of Kit Kat’s rehabilitation from 2 broken hind legs over 2016.
He has since recovered well from 3 surgeries and now even runs and jumps, with a healthy life ahead.

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Organic Para-Menthane 3,8 Diol (PMD), Isopulegol, Citronellal, Citronellol, Lemongrass, Azadirachtin, Neem Oil, Glycerin, Ethanol, Vitamin E, Purified Water

Spray directly and liberally onto pet’s skin or onto hands first then spread evenly over pet’s skin starting from the head and ears, over the body, each of the legs and digits and the tail. Ensure to massage past pet’s fur so that Pet Guard reaches the skin. Pet Guard may be applied directly as well to pet’s sleeping, lying or roaming areas for improved effect.

For maximum effect, use Pet Guard Tick Spray with Pet Guard Shampoo. Shampoo pet every 1-2 weeks or more often as necessary.

Re-application spray advised for pre and post exposure of pet to insects in outdoor environments, and in hotter, humid environments

Pet walks, beddings, seasonal hot periods outdoors when ticks are more prominent or higher rainfall seasons when mosquitoes become more active.

Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If spray gets into pet’s eyes, rinse with water. For external use only. Avoid use in new born pet mammals.

2 years

100 ml spray bottle