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Elven Guard (Pets)



Pet Guard is designed for botanical protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, leeches, bedbugs and a wide range of other biting insects that may attack or infest your pet. Pet Guard comes in 2 types of applications

  • Pet Guard Tick Spray for regular use with pets before/after walks, indoors or outdoors to protect against biting insects
  • Pet Guard Shampoo for weekly use in managing and preventing tick/flea infestations while maintaining a healthy coat of fur

A BIG Thank You From Kit Kat!

14 Feb 2017

Thank you to all who purchased Elven Guard (Pets) in support of Kit Kat’s rehabilitation from 2 broken hind legs over 2016.
He has since recovered well from 3 surgeries and now even runs and jumps, with a healthy life ahead.

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